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Question 1:

Identify the availability type that is applicable for the item quantities maintained in a unit of measure different from the primary unit of measure and is available for various transactions.

A. On Hand

B. Secondary On-hand Quantity

C. available

D. Reserved

E. Secondary Available Quantity

Correct Answer: C

Question 2:

Your are in the process of analyzing the demand and supply schedules for the Item based on high level reservations.

Identify the reservation document type that would be applicable to both supply as well as demand.

A. Work Order

B. On Hand

C. Transfer Order

D. Movement Request

E. Requisition

F. Account Alias

Correct Answer: C

Question 3:

The physical inventory process is Carried out for and particular inventory organization with the following parameter:


Negative Quantity Tolerance Percentage is set to 10%


Approval Type = \’Always\’

The system says that there are 100 on hand, but you only counted 95. What will happen?

A. An approval will be required before posting.

B. The system will ask a user to recount before posting.

C. Because the 95 is within the 10% tolerance, it will post without approval.

D. The setup is invalid; it will give an error message.

Correct Answer: C

Question 4:

While negotiating the terms of the consignment agreement, the buyer and the supplier mutually agree to set the aging onset point as receipt and the aging period as five days. The terms also say that the consumption advice will be generated daily.

In which three scenarios will the goods be transferred from the supplier\’s ownership to buyer\’s ownership?

A. You received the goods today and after three days you transfer the ownership using the “create transfer to consigned transaction” task.

B. You received the goods today and you decide to issue the goods after three days without transferring the ownership.

C. You received the goods today and for the next one week you do not plan any action on the same.

D. You received the goods today and after four days you return the material to the supplier.

E. You received the goods today and after six days you decide to transfer the ownership using the “create transfer to consigned transaction” task.

F. You received the goods today and you transfer the ownership using the “create transfer to owned transaction” task.

Correct Answer: ACF

Question 5:

Reorder quantities for an item subinventory are calculated using Fixed Lot Multiple and Round Order Quantity. Assume that the reorder quantity is 24 and you specify 10 for the fixed lot multiple and enable rounding the reorder quantity. What will be the reorder quantity?

A. 30

B. 24

C. 25

D. 20

Correct Answer: D 11E49

Example: Specifying the Fixed Lot MultipleAssume that the reorder quantity is 24. If you specify 10 for the fixed lot multiple and enable rounding the reorder quantity, the reorder quantity is rounded up to 30. If you disable rounding the reorder quantity, the reorder quantity is rounded down to 20.

Question 6:

A supply request has been received in supply chain orchestration. Both organizations belong to the same legal entity and they do not have a buy-sell relationship between them. Which type of execution document can fulfill the supply request?

A. Sales Order

B. Purchase Order

C. Transfer Order

D. Purchase Requisitions

Correct Answer: D

Question 7:

Your customer wants to prevent customer shipments out of a specific subinventory. They are setting up a material status to control this.

Which transaction do they need to disallow?

A. Sales Order Pick

B. Sales Order Issue

C. Move Request Putaway

D. Ship Confirm

E. Miscellaneous Issue

Correct Answer: B

Question 8:

Your customer has defined three business units: two of the them require the same set of receivables payment terms whereas the third needs a separate set of receivables payment terms.

How will you achieve this requirement?

A. Define one reference data set and modify the business unit security.

B. Define two reference data sets, assign the first set to the two business units which will share the same payment terms and second set to the business unit which needs separate payment terms.

C. Define one data set with common payment terms and exclude the payment terms feature from the third business unit.

D. Define three reference data sets and assign each data set to each business unit.

Correct Answer: B

Question 9:

For an Item to be enabled for back-to-back order process, which attribute do you need to set?

A. Organization attribute: Allow Back to Back Processing

B. Item attribute: Reservations Enabled

C. Organization attribute: Allow Reservations

D. Item attribute: Back-To Back Enabled

E. Item attribute: Allow purchase orders off of sales orders

Correct Answer: D

Question 10:

Your customer is a very large organization spanning across multiple countries. Their legal requirements, Human Resource Policies, and Functional Currencies for ledger are different for each country. Your customer wants to maintain 10

different companies in the system.

Which combination meets this requirement?

A. 1 Enterprise, 10 Divisions, where each division has its own ledger with common legal entity across all divisions

B. 10 Enterprises, 10 Divisions, where each division has its own legal entity and ledger

C. 1 Enterprise, 10 Divisions, where each division has its own legal entity and ledger

D. 10 Enterprises, 1 Division, where each division has 10 legal entities and 1 ledger

Correct Answer: C

Question 11:

Your client wants certain inventory items of high importance to be counted periodically to improve the average level of inventory accuracy. What type of counting would you recommend?

A. Manual Count

B. Zero Quantity Count

C. Cycle Count

D. Physical Count

E. Blind Count

F. Serialized Count

Correct Answer: C

Question 12:

Your supplier sent you stock against a consigned agreement. You transferred all the stock to owned and generated a consumption advice. An invoice was raised by the supplier and the payment mode. A few days after using some of the quantities of the stock, you realized that some of the stock sent by the supplier is not of suitable quality and you need to send the stock back.

What is the process of returning the material?

A. Return the material and create a debit memo for the supplier.

B. You have to cancel the Invoice and send the material back without changing the ownership.

C. You cannot return consigned items that are invoiced and paid. Treat the material as scrap.

D. You have to transfer the ownership of item and perform the return transaction.

Correct Answer: D

Question 13:

Your customer is setting up serial control. The requirement is that if Item A has serial 123, then they do not want item B to also have serial 123 within the same inventory organization.

Which serial control setting must be used to meet this requirement?

A. Unique across Enterprise

B. Unique within Item and organization

C. Unique across organizations

D. Unique within organization

E. Unique within Items

Correct Answer: C


Question 14:

You have set up min-max planning at the subinventory level with the following to source item AS12312 for Organization: M1:


Source Type: Organization


Organization: Ml

What type of supply request will be generated?

A. None; this is an invalid setup

B. Movement request

C. Internal Requisition

D. Intraorganization transfer order

E. Purchase Requisition

Correct Answer: A

Question 15:

In the Back-to-Back (B2B) Order to Cash flow, ordered items are purchased from a supplier. The Sourcing Rules have been defined for the item and the buy flow has been initiated. The sales order line is shown as Awaiting Shipping and the supply line status is “In Purchasing” with the supply order generated but the purchase requisition not generating.

What is the reason?

A. Supply order is generated with exceptions.

B. Preparer is not valid.

C. The Sourcing rule is incorrect.

D. No Blanket Purchase Agreement (BPA) exists for this supplier-item combination.

E. Buy requests originate from Order Management.

Correct Answer: A