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Question 1:

What is not an approach for risk mitigation?

A. Reducing the probability of occurrence by choosing an alternate approach

B. Reducing the impact of the risk by having a plan in place to immediatelyreadto the event.

C. Accepting some of the risks and adding them to the Issues log since they will probably become an issue anyway.

D. Accepting some of the risks from the onset and controlling those risks throughout the project lifecycle.

Correct Answer: C

Question 2:

Which Oracle Unified Method phase includes Bid Transition?

A. Project Start Up

B. Project Closure

C. Project Executing and Control

D. Financial Management

Correct Answer: A

Question 3:

According to the recommended training for this exam, what is the “triple constraint”?

A. time, resources, quality/scope

B. time, quality/scope, performance

C. client availability, budget, modifications

D. products licensed, service requests limits, annual maintenance

Correct Answer: A

*Scope, Time and Cost together are termed as the Triple Constraints of a Project.

*Risk avoidance involves changing the project plan to eliminate therisk or to protect the project objectives (time, cost, scope, quality) from itsimpact. The team might achieve this by changing scope, adding time, oradding resources (thus

relaxing the so-called “triple constraint”)


Question 4:

Select three statements that are true about the OUM Implement Core Workflow.

A. It helps accelerate practitioner\’s understanding of the Oracle Unified Method.

B. It helps project teams focus on the essentials.

C. It focuses on custom development projects.

D. It can be used to identify the weak points of a project.

E. It identifies the most important tasks.

F. It focuses on configuration projects.

Correct Answer: ABE

A:OUM Implement Core Workflowshould serve to accelerate the understanding of OUM by new practitioners.

B: The Implement Core Workflow also highlights the tasks that are at the heart of the Implement focus area.

E:The first step is to start from a core set of tasks. We recommend that you consider using the OUM Implement Core Workflow for this purpose along with an OUM view that best matches the needs of your project. Remember, though, that the views tend to be a superset of tasks related to a particular solution, discipline, or technology. Therefore, the core workflow and views should be used together to achieve the right balance for your project.

Question 5:

A client asks a Project Manager to change the format of the project plan. It is expected to be a five hour task. The client has requested this task be completed by the end of the work week and non- billable. Identify two valid responses.

A. All work for the benefit of the client is billable.

B. The client may share existing project plan with his staff for reformatting.

C. The Project Manager gladly accepts the task and sets the expectation that the client can determine which tasks are billable.

D. The Project Manager declines because only the existing format is allowed.

Correct Answer: BC