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Question 1:

Which IBM Storwize product allows for scalability up to a maximum of 20 expansion enclosures with a single control enclosure?

A. IBM Storwize V5030

B. IBM Storwize V3700

C. IBM Storwize V5020

D. IBM Storwize V5010

Correct Answer: A

V5030: Standard expansion enclosures: up to 20 standard expansion enclosures per controller. High-density expansion enclosures: up to 8 high-density expansion enclosures per controller.

Question 2:

A customer is looking to enhance its existing environment with the addition of an IBM Storwize V7000. The customer currently has an EMC VNX and wants to better utilize this storage. Which two IBM Storwize features must be licensed to address the customer\’s needs? (Choose two.)

A. Thin provisioning

B. Tieredstorage optimizer

C. Replication

D. Real-time Compression

E. External virtualization

Correct Answer: AB

A: Thin Provisioning (Oversubscribing)

Thin LUNs are supported. Care must be taken for the LUNs not to become over allocated or SVC will take the MDisk and itsMDiskgroup offline, until corrected.

B: EMC VNX LUN configuration

The storage is provisioned from the VNX as LUNs, that appear as managed disks (Mdisks) on the SVC, which can use them to create storage pools (MDiskgroups) to provision SVC volumes (VDisks) for use by hosts or for use with tiering.

Question 3:

A state government education system is implementing a cloud solution for schools to plan and score standardized testing. The client needs a solution that supports file and block data for its environment. Which IBM Storwize product should the IT architect recommend to maximize storage space using compression?

A. IBM Storwize V5020

B. IBM SAN Volume Controller

C. IBM Storwize V7000 Unified

D. IBM Storwize V9000

Correct Answer: C

Storwize V7000 is designed for all-flash or hybrid storage, while Storwize V7000 Unified isdesigned for block and file needs.

When you choose Storwize V7000 Unified and Storwize V7000, you gain the most advanced storage technologies to unlock the business value of your stored data, including virtualization and IBM Real-time Compression.


Question 4:

A customer experienced an issue on a mission-critical application during overnight processing. The customer needs help understanding exactly when the problem happened and help with troubleshooting. Which feature of IBM Spectrum Control aids the customer?

A. IBM Spectrum Protect Snapshot

B. Custom Reporting

C. Storage Optimizer

D. Spectrum Virtualize GUI Performance Statistics

Correct Answer: B

IBM Spectrum Control provides multiple user interfaces for viewing reports about the storage infrastructure in an enterprise environment.

You can view reports that are customizedto use information from IBM Spectrum Control. The reports include fabric connections, storage mapping information, and performance metrics for storage systems. References:

Question 5:

A company has added a second control enclosure to an IBM Storwize V7000 to provide more storage for several servers. What must be done to the host systems before mapping volumes from the new I/O group?

A. Ensure the hostzoning is in place for the new I/O group

B. Double the queue depth on each volume

C. Verify host mirroring is in place for the volumes

D. Install additional HBAs for connectivity to the new I/O group

Correct Answer: A

The number of paths to a volume from a host to the nodes in the I/O Group that owns the volume must not exceed eight, even if eight is not the maximum number of paths supported by the multipath driver (SDD supports up to 32). To restrict the number of paths to a host volume, the fabrics must be zonedso that each host FC port is zoned to no more than two ports from each Storwize V7000 Gen2 node in the I/O Group that owns the volume.


Question 6:

A customer is looking to replicate data to its disaster recovery location. The customer has gathered data about I/O and throughput to the storage. Which piece of information is needed to properly size the bandwidth needed between the two locations?

A. Peak write IOPS

B. Peak write MBps

C. Peak read IOPS

D. Peak read MBps

Correct Answer: A

Sizing the systems for replication


Metro Mirror has the least impact to the amount of IO a system can handle, as it has the lowest overhead.


Regular Global Mirror further lowers the maximum throughput of the system, and the increase in host write response time depends on the quantity of IO being replicated via Global Mirror. The main cause of increased write response time is spikes of host write IO that there\’s insufficient partnership bandwidth to replicate instantly, but we have seen cases where the increased overhead of the Global Mirror processing has made a workload unusable.

References: ntry/sizingreplication?lang=en

Question 7:

A cloud solution is being planned using the IBM Storwize family to provide storage for multiple clients on IBM Power and Intel hosts.

Which solution provides the necessary storage for the primary site and a disaster recovery location at a data center 1500 kilometers away?

A. Create a four node IBM Storwize V7000 cluster with one I/O Group at the primary data center and the other at the disaster recovery location. Use FlashCopy to copy the volumes from the primary I/O Group to the disaster recovery I/O Group.

B. Create volumeson IBM Storwize V7000 storage at the primary data center and use Global Mirror to create copies on an IBM Storwize V7000 at the disaster recovery location.

C. Create volume mirrors on IBM Storwize V7000 storage at the primary data center with virtualizedexternal IBM Storwize V3700 storage at the disaster recovery location.

D. Create volumes on IBM Storwize V7000 Storage at the primary data center and use Metro to create asynchronous copies on an IBM Storwize V5030 at the disaster recovery location.

Correct Answer: B

Metro Mirror and Global Mirror are technologies that enable you to keep a real-time copy of a disk at a remote site that contains another SVC Cluster or Storwize V7000 system. Incorrect Answers

A: FlashCopy is a function that allows you to create a point-in-time copy of one of your SVC disks. This might be helpful when performing backups or application testing. These copies may be cascaded upon one another, read from, written to, and even reversed. These copies are able to conserve storage, if needed, by being space-efficient copies that only record items that have changed from the originals instead of full copies.

C: Volume Mirroring is a function designed to increase high availability of the storage infrastructure. It provides the ability to createup to two local copies of a volume.

References: IBM System Storage SAN Volume Controller and Storwize V7000 Replication Family Services, page 22

Question 8:

How does the IBM Storwize native IP replication provide optimal utilization of the IP network?

A. It communicates with external WAN Optimization devices to achieve maximum efficiency.

B. It uses Real-time Compression of data prior to replication.

C. It usesartificial intelligence and sends multiple parallel streams.

D. It utilizes intelligent switches in the network to minimize latency.

Correct Answer: C

The native Internet Protocol (IP) replication feature enables replication between any SVC/Storwize family memberrunning code version 7.2 or higher, using the built-in networking

ports of the cluster nodes. Following a recent partnership with IBM, it uses SANslide technology developed by Bridgeworks Limited of Christchurch, UK. They specialize in products that can bridge storage protocols and accelerate data

transfer over long distances.

Adding this technology at each end of a wide area network (WAN) Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) link significantly improves the usage of the link. It does this by applying patented Artificial Intelligence (AI) to hide

latency normally associated with WANs.

The technology built into the SVC/Storwize code uses TCP/IP latency to its advantage. Rather than wait for the acknowledgment to come back, it sends more sets of packets across other virtual connections. The number of virtual connections

is controlled by the AI engine.

This improves WAN connection use, which results in a data transfer rate approaching full line speed.

References: IBM SAN Volume Controller and Storwize Family Native IP Replication, page

Question 9:

A customer has a requirement for highly available data in their IBM Storwize environment and currently uses IBM Spectrum Virtualize Software V7.5. The process to enable a volume to be addressed by two I/O groups simultaneously is challenging.

How can the customer benefit from upgrading to V7.6 of the software?

A. HyperSwap GUI support

B. Two I/O groups supported by two nodes

C. Remote mirroring cluster support

D. Stretch cluster wizard

Correct Answer: A

New functionalities in the Version 7.6 release of SpectrumVirtualize include:

HyperSwap GUI support: Current local HyperSwap is functionally complete, but requires complex configuration through the existing command-line interface. This new release of HyperSwap offers a new command-line interface which greatly

simplifies the set up process to a handful of commands, and also adds the ability to configure and manage local HyperSwap through the GUI.

References: bin/ssialias?subtype=caandinfotype=anandappname=iSourceandsupplier=897andletternum=ENUS 215-391

Question 10:

A customer wants to encrypt some of the data implementing a clustered IBM Storwize V7000-524 solution, possibly utilizing an existing model 324 keep costs down. How should the desired solution be implemented?

A. IBM Storwize V7000-324s and IBM Storwize V7000-524s cannot be clustered together, so two IBM Storwize V7000-524s with encryption enabled on both should be implemented.

B. Cluster the existing IBM Storwize V7000-324 with a new model 324 ensuring IBM Storwize version 7.4 is installed on both systems, as it is needed to enable encryption.

C. Cluster the existing IBM Storwize V7000-324 with an IBM Storwize V7000-524, enabling encryption of the RAID arrays/MDisks on the Model 524 enclosures.

D. Cluster the existing IBM Storwize V7000-324 with an IBM Storwize V7000-524, enabling encryption on all the enclosures for maximum protection.

Correct Answer: A

The Model 524 control enclosure supports only the attachment of Model 12F, 24F, and 92F expansion enclosures. Previous generation Storwize V7000 control enclosures (Models 112, 124, 312, and 324) do not support the attachment of Model 12F,24F, and 92F expansion enclosures.

References: _h03/index.htmlandlang=enandrequest_locale=en

Question 11:

Which product should be included as part of an IBM Storwize Family solution for a customer who desires to simplify and automate capacity management?

A. IBM Spectrum Control

B. Easy Tier

C. IBM Spectrum Archive

D. Tiered Storage Optimizer

Correct Answer: A

Spectrum Control provides analytics-driven storage management and efficient infrastructure management for virtualized, cloud, and software-defined storage to simplify and automate storage provisioning, capacity management, availability monitoring, and reporting.

IBM Spectrum Control communicates with Storwize V7000 storage systems through a native interface.

Use IBM Spectrum Control to monitor Storwize V7000 systems, including discovery, data collection (probes), performance monitoring, trending, storage optimization, and provisioning. IBM Spectrum Control reports and topology views also provide information about the tier, tier capacity, and tier free capacity for Storwize V7000.

Question 12:

A customer has purchased an IBM Storwize solution and needs to externally virtualize a Dell EqualLogic PS6210E. Which connection protocol is required?





Correct Answer: B

Support for iSCSI backend storage attachment for SAN Volume Controller and the Storwize storage virtualisation family include theDell Equallogic PS6210 storage model. References:

Question 13:

An IBM technical specialist has positioned the IBM FlashSystem V9000 storage solution to meet a customer\’s requirement for a storage solution to host high IOPS with low latency workloads. The IBM FlashSystem V9000 uses an IBM patented Variable Stripe RAID with two dimensional Flash RAID technology.

Which statements describe these features?

A. The Variable Stripe Array function stripes data across its set of chips within a MicroLatency Module.Two Dimensional Flash RAID function provides protection for the MicroLatency Modules.

B. TheVariable Stripe Array function stripes data across its set of chips within a MicroLatency Module.Two Dimensional Flash RAID function provides cluster protection between two installed FlashSystem V9000 systems.

C. The Variable Stripe Array function stripes data across all the installed MicroLatency Modules.Two Dimensional Flash RAID function provides protection across DIMM memory within a MicroLatency Module.

D. The Variable Stripe Array function stripes data across DIMM memory within a MicroLatency Module.Two Dimensional Flash RAID function provides protection for the MicroLatency Modules.

Correct Answer: A

IBM Variable Stripe RAID is a patented IBM technology that provides an intra-module RAID stripe on each flash module.

With two-dimensional (2D) Flash RAID,system-wide RAID 5 along with Variable Stripe RAID helps reduce downtime and maintain performance, and enables the provisioning of an entire flash module as a spare to be used in another flash

module failure.

References: Introducing and Implementing IBMFlashSystem V9000, page 22

Question 14:

A customer with excessive annual growth is looking at a storage refresh. Which benefit does the IBM Storwize V7000 offer this customer?

A. It supports in-place fork-lift system upgrades.

B. It can virtualize other vendors\’ storage for unlimited time and size.

C. It can scale up and scale out through clustering.

D. It can perform a software transfer when moving to the next model.

Correct Answer: C

v6.2 Storwize V7000 offers both Scale-Up and Scale-Out possibilities for ultimate flexibility.

Control enclosures support attachment of up to nine expansion enclosureswith configurations up to 360 TB physical internal storage capacities (for Storwize V7000, up to 1.44 PB in clustered systems)

Flex System V7000 can scale up to 240 (2.5″ disks) per control enclosure; 960 (2.5″ disks) per clustered system.


Question 15:

A customer is investigating replicating data between IBM Storwize V7000 for DR purposes and has made the following calculations to help determine the correct capacity for the intersite link.

Customer formula used

Amount of data replicated within 24 hours, multiplied by 4 (to allow for peaks and re-sync), translated into bit rate over the 24-hour period.

Customer calculations

2 GB of data per day

2 GB * 4 = 8 GB of data

-8 GB * 8 bits = 64 GB / 86400 seconds

68,719,476,736 / 86400 = 795,364 bits/second bandwidth The customer has advised that the working day is 8 hours. What is the status of the calculations?


It is correct.


It is undersized by a factorof 2.


It is undersized by a factor of 3.


It is undersized by a factor of 4.

Correct Answer: C

The calculation is correct for a 24 hour workday, but as the workday is only 8 hours, the calculation is off by a factor 3.