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Question 1:

What is an advantage of HPE versus its competitors in the server market?

A. HPE has the broadest server portfolio in the market.

B. HPE beats all of its competitors on price.

C. HPE is the only manufacturer of both tower and rack servers.

D. Due to its smaller size. HPE offers customers a more personable experience.

Correct Answer: C

Question 2:

Which server series constitutes the rack server line of products from HPE?

A. DL Series.

B. ML Series.

C. RL Series.

D. BL Series.

Correct Answer: A

Question 3:

A small business customer needs to purchase several new servers that will reside throughout the business, but the customer has no designed space to accommodate this equipment Which type of server will be ideal for this customer?

A. blade.

B. tower.

C. rack.

D. cartridge.

Correct Answer: C

Question 4:

Which statement is true regarding the Aruba Mobile First platform?

A. It is the only SDN-based platform on the market today.

B. it is ranked the number one platform for virtual networking.

C. It is a cloud-based solution for SMBs looking for more agile solutions.

D. It encompasses both wireless and wired solutions.

Correct Answer: A

Question 5:

How do HPE StoreEasy solutions meet customer security needs?

A. They automatically drop traffic that behaves like a denial of service (DoS) attack.

B. They integrate TippingPoint intrusion protection system (IPS) capabilities.

C. They exclusively use SSDs, which are more resilient against unauthorized access than HDDs.

D. They provide built-in encryption and endpoint protection.

Correct Answer: C

Question 6:

A budget-conscious SMB customer wants a shared storage solution for all of its unstructured data. What is the ideal type of storage architecture for this client?





Correct Answer: B

Question 7:

What is a distinct feature of HPE StoreOnce VSA?

A. It can run internally on any HPE autoloader tape system.

B. It archives data to either tape or DVD media.

C. It can manage primary storage for remote and branch offices.

D. It is hardware agnostic and installs on any server.

Correct Answer: A

Question 8:

Which HPE solutions feature SDS? (Select two.)

A. HPE Hyper Converged 250.

B. HPE 3FAR StoreServ 8200.

C. HPE MSA 2042.

D. HPE StoreVirtual VSA.

E. HPED6000.

Correct Answer: CD

Question 9:

Which value proposition is most likely to resonate with small and medium organizations that are seeking a server solution\’?

A. HPE BladeSystems can be deployed at remote offices without the need for a server closet.

B. HPE servers are efficient as well as simple to deploy and use.

C. HPE servers offer many technologies for IT staff to tune and optimize.

D. HPE tower servers are designed specifically for the datacenter environment.

Correct Answer: C

Question 10:

Which built-in feature of HPE servers can greatly aid IT personnel with server configuration and OS deployment?

A. Intelligent Provisioning.

B. HPE OneView.


D. HPE Insight Inline.

Correct Answer: D

Question 11:

What is one benefit of the Aruba Mobile First infrastructure for SMB customers?

A. It features only unmanaged switches, which makes deployments faster and less challenging.

B. it automatically denies BYOD devices network access, which increases 1 security.

C. It uses a single, unified architecture, which improves manageability.

D. It provides a catalog of SaaS applications to mobile users, which is ideal for SMBs who need cloud computing.

Correct Answer: D

Question 12:

A customer wants a wireless solution that is easy to deploy and expand. Which Aruba Instant AP benefit should you explain?

A. The APs integrate with HPE OneView. which provides automatic provisioning for them.

B. The APs support OpenStack and automatic provisioning through HPE Helion cloud solutions.

C. The APs are ready to become discovered and controlled by an Aruba controller out of the box.

D. The customer only needs to configure one AP: other APs automatically take their configuration from it.

Correct Answer: B

Question 13:

A customer is expanding from one site to three and needs a network device that connects all six offices dispersed throughout the country. Which type of device meets this criteria?

A. WAN router.

B. firewall.

C. unmanaged switch.

D. Layer 2 switch.

Correct Answer: B

Question 14:

Which type of servers are designed according to a standardized measurement system called Us?

A. tower

B. rack

C. blade

D. desktop

Correct Answer: B

Question 15:

An SMB customer wants a storage appliance that provides a highly available backup architecture. Which HPE product line should you recommend?

A. HPE StoreOnce.

B. HPE StoreEasy.

C. HPE StoreServ.

D. HPE StoreOnce.

Correct Answer: C