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Question 1:

What is the primary disadvantage of incremental backups?

A. time-consuming to restore

B. contain only the blocks that have changed since the previous backup

C. increased amount of data going across the network

D. can grow to contain a large amount of data

Correct Answer: A

Question 2:

What is true of hot-swappable hardware?

A. All components need to be rearranged after swap

B. Reboot is required after a change

C. All fans need to be running to ensure proper cooling

D. Replaceable with zero downtime

Correct Answer: D

Question 3:

Which Dell EMC Storage product family does SRDF support?

A. Unity

B. PowerMax

C. PowerScale

D. PowerStore

Correct Answer: B

Question 4:

Which type of virtual machine clone is created from a snapshot of a parent VM?

A. Mirrored Clone

B. Full Clone

C. Linked Clone

D. Snap Clone

Correct Answer: C

Question 5:

A backup of 20 GB of data is reduced by a deduplication algorithm to 4 GB of data. What is the deduplication ratio?

A. 1:20

B. 5:1

C. 20:1

D. 1:5

Correct Answer: D

Question 6:

What assurance does the content authenticity feature of CAS provide?

A. Storing only one instance of content

B. Stored content is protected against erasure

C. Validity of stored content

D. There are always multiple copies

Correct Answer: C

Question 7:

Which key metric should be used when updating the corporate disaster recovery plan to minimize data loss?





Correct Answer: C

Question 8:

Which describes graceful degradation?

A. The application detects a fault in the system and properly shuts down all modules to keep all data consistent

B. Some modules are unavailable, but the entire application has not been brought down

C. All modules are still available, but response times are degraded

D. The application informs the end user their business is important and that the service will be back up as soon as possible

Correct Answer: B

Question 9:

An application developer is exploring the best technology to have the application easily transportable and have a small image footprint. Which technology satisfies the request?

A. Containers

B. Traditional application

C. Virtual machines

D. Monolithic application

Correct Answer: A

Question 10:

Refer to the exhibit.

How is a hash created on file Apr.Txt in an object-level deduplication?

A. from content with variable-length

B. from the metadata of the file

C. from the content of the file

D. from content with fixed-length

Correct Answer: B

Question 11:

What does the Cloud Gateway Appliance provide?

A. translation layer between standard storage interfaces and cloud service provider

B. backup access to the cloud service provider

C. translation layer between standard network interfaces and cloud service provider

D. VPN access to the cloud service provider

Correct Answer: C

Question 12:

When is the target available for use in pointer-based replication?

A. once the fracture log has been created

B. after the mirror has been fractured

C. immediately after session activation

D. after synchronization has completed

Correct Answer: C

Question 13:

A computer has an MTBF of 7000 hours and an MTTR of 18 hours? What is the availability of the data?

A. 90.7%

B. 99.1%

C. 99.7%

D. 99.8%

Correct Answer: A

Question 14:

Which characteristic of big data refers to data generated by numerous sources?

A. veracity

B. variety

C. volume

D. velocity

Correct Answer: B

Question 15:

Which recovery mode involves rolling back a system to a previous recovery point instead of finding the cause of a fault?

A. Forward recovery

B. Complete functional recovery

C. Backward recovery

D. Degraded functional recovery

Correct Answer: B

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