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Question 1:

Who is responsible for the oversight of structures and mechanisms that drive enterprise governance of information and technology (EGIT)?

A. Individual business units

B. External regulators

C. The board

Correct Answer: C


Question 2:

COBIT defines stakeholder value creation as which of the following?

A. Realization of benefits at a controlled resource cost while controlling risk

B. Realization of benefits at an optimal resource cost while optimizing risk

C. Realization of benefits at a reduced resource cost while mitigating risk

Correct Answer: C

Question 3:

The value that IandT delivers should be:

A. aligned directly with the values on which the business is focused.

B. focused exclusively on IandT investments that generate financial benefits.

C. restricted to maintaining and increasing value derived from existing IandT investments.

Correct Answer: C

Reference: (12)

Question 4:

COBIT addresses governance issues by doing which of the following?

A. Grouping relevant governance components into objectives that can be managed to a required capability level

B. Providing a full description of the entire IT environment within an enterprise

C. Defining specific governance strategies and processes to implement in specific situations

Correct Answer: A

Question 5:

Which of the following is a guiding principle in the development of COBIT?

A. COBIT aligns with other related and relevant IandT standards, frameworks and regulations

B. COBIT includes relevant content from other related IandT standards, frameworks and regulations.

C. COBIT serves as a comprehensive standalone framework that covers all relevant IandT-related activities.

Correct Answer: A

Question 6:

Which of the following is an element of governance?

A. Building plans to align with the direction set by the governance body

B. Monitoring activities designed to achieve enterprise objectives

C. Evaluating stakeholder needs to determine enterprise objectives

Correct Answer: A

Element 1: Set a clear purpose and stay focused on it.


Question 7:

In most cases, management of the enterprise is the responsibility of:

A. the project management office.

B. the executive management team.

C. the board of directors.

Correct Answer: A

A strategic (enterprise) PMO (sometimes called the office of strategy management) plays a role in linking the organization\’s projects to its strategic plans. Reference:

Question 8:

Which of the following benefits derived from the use of COBIT is PRIMARILY associated with an external stakeholder?

A. COBIT provides guidance on how to organize and monitor the performance of IandT across the enterprise.

B. COBIT helps to manage the dependency on the use of external service providers.

C. COBIT helps to ensure compliance with applicable rules and regulations.

Correct Answer: A


Question 9:

The primary target audience for COBIT is:

A. anyone responsible for the governance solution.

B. assurance professionals responsible for evaluating and reporting on the existence of internal controls.

C. business and IT management responsible for building and deploying IandT solutions.

Correct Answer: C

The course is suitable for business managers, chief executives, IT/IS auditors, internal auditors, information security and IT practitioners, consultants and IT/IS managers requiring an insight into the enterprise governance of IT and who may also be requiring certification as a COBIT 5. Reference:® 5 foundation.pdf

Question 10:

Within the principles for a governance system, the value generated from the use of IandT reflects:

A. the ratio of costs versus achieved service levels.

B. a balance among benefits, risk and resources.

C. maximized financial benefits to the investment portfolio.

Correct Answer: B

The governance system should also to generate value from the use of IandT. To create value, the enterprise

must balance benefits, risk, and resources.


Question 11:

Which of the following should a stakeholder do to optimize the use of COBIT?

A. Customize COBIT guidance to meet industry best practices.

B. Customize COBIT guidance to meet specific enterprise needs.

C. Ensure COBIT guidance is strictly followed without alterations.

Correct Answer: B

Customizable solution that can address the unique needs of any enterprise.


Question 12:

Which COBIT principle addresses the need to consider how many changes in technology or strategy impact the enterprise governance system as a whole?

A. A governance system should be tailored to the enterprise\’s needs.

B. A governance system should cover the enterprise end to end.

C. A governance system should be dynamic.

Correct Answer: A


Question 13:

Which of the following BEST enables an enterprise to maximize value from the use of IandT?

A. A clearly defined IandT management structure

B. An actionable strategy and governance system

C. Well-documented and monitored business processes

Correct Answer: B

To create value, the enterprise must balance benefits, risk, and resources, and develop an actionable

strategy and governance system.


Question 14:

Which of the following is a KEY principle of an enterprise governance system?

A. It should focus on all technology and information processing, regardless of where processing takes place.

B. It should focus only on technology and information processing that takes place within the IT function.

C. It should focus only on technology and information processing that takes place in cost centers

Correct Answer: A

A governance system should cover the enterprise end to end, focusing not only on the IT function but on all technology and information processing the enterprise puts in place to achieve its goals, regardless where the processing is located in the enterprise. Reference:

Question 15:

According to the principles for a governance framework, which of the following is a PRIMARY consideration when addressing new issues within a flexible and open framework?

A. Maintaining integrity and consistency

B. Aligning with internal IT policies and procedures

C. Identifying related industry standards

Correct Answer: A