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Question 1:

You want to introduce Jira to your small non-profit organization.

Since you are unsure of the optimal deployment option you have gathered some requirements:

You need to manage a team of up to 15 employees.

You need to be able to track a backlog of staff action items.

You want to easily visualize the progress of ongoing work.

The solution must require minimal administration since your organization only has a part-time IT volunteer.

What solution is most appropriate for your organization?

A. Jira Service Desk Cloud

B. Jira Software Data Center

C. Jira Service Desk Data Center

D. Jira Core Server

Correct Answer: A

Question 2:

The marketing team has asked you to embed the trigger tab of an issue collector on several internal web pages and change its size, color, and text.

They also want the ability to track which webpage finally generated the underlying feedback issue.

You are not familiar with advanced issue collector configuration.

Which type of developer should you contact for assistance?

A. Groovy

B. JavaScript

C. Velocity

D. Python


Correct Answer: B


Question 3:

The configuration details of an SMTP Mail Server of a Jira instance are shown below. The configuration hasn\’t been changed in the last 24 months.

Currently emails are no longer being sent and the failed notifications can be seen in the Mail Error Queue.

What is the likely cause of the failure?

A. Email volume has increased and the Timeout is too low.

B. The SMTP password has expired.

C. The user jira has no valid Jira license.

D. The database and/or server disk is full.

E. The Jira license has expired.

Correct Answer: E

Question 4:

You are moving a workflow from your staging Jira instance to production. On importing the workflow, Jira notifies you that the post-functions will not be imported.

Staging Jira is on version 6.4 and production Jira is on version 6.3.

Why did this happen?

A. The apps installed on staging are not the same as on production.

B. The production and staging instances are using different versions of Jira.

C. You exported the workflow as XML instead of JWB.

D. Custom post-functions are not included in workflow export.

Correct Answer: D


Question 5:

You have planned, tested, and performed a Jira upgrade.

The upgrade appeared to be a success; however, after several hours of use, your users are reporting significant problems and you decide to roll back.

Which two effects do you expect to see after the rollback? (Choose two.)

A. Emails will automatically be sent out to tell people about the rollback.

B. New issues entered between upgrade and rollback will be lost.

C. The color scheme will be set back to default to indicate there was a rollback.

D. Jira will go back to the same schemes as before the upgrade.

E. Jira will need to be reconnected to other systems it was integrated with.

Correct Answer: DE

Question 6:

Your user directories are configured as shown:

The Active Directory administrators have just started the process of copying all the users from the old Company B directory to Company A directory.

During this process, the group membership is being changed to allow for more fine-grained security control.

A large number of migrated users complain that they do not have the correct new group memberships.

Which configuration change should you perform?

A. Reorder the directories so Company A is before Company B.

B. Enable the Crowd user directory.

C. Reorder the directories so the Jira Internal Directory is listed first.

D. Synchronize the Company A directory.

E. Disable the Company A directory.

F. Disable the Company B directory.

Correct Answer: D

Question 7:

After a recent upgrade to your Jira system, one of the apps your organization depends on is not working reliably. Which two methods can you use to debug and resolve this issue? (Choose two.)

A. Ask the System Administrator for catalina.out logs and inspect for stack traces.

B. Ask the System Administrator to enable the SQL log.

C. Ask the System Administrator to set package com.atlassian to Trace logging level.

D. Ask the System Administrator to add the app to the logger.

E. Ask the System Administrator to set the logging level to FATAL on all package names, Under Logging and Profiling.

Correct Answer: CE


Question 8:

Max wants you to change the way the system fields Created or Updated are being displayed when viewing an issue. How can this be achieved?

A. Adjust the Day Format in the Jira look and Feel configuration.

B. Adjust the in the advanced settings configuration.

C. Adjust the in the advanced settings configuration.

D. Adjust the Complete Date/Time Format in the Jira Look and Feel configuration.

E. Adjust the language and time zone preferences in Max\’s user profile.

Correct Answer: E


Question 9:

Which time tracking configuration can be controlled on a global basis for all projects in Jira?

A. which users or groups have the ability to log work on issues

B. whether time tracking fields are available on standard versus sub-task issue types

C. the default time unit on estimates when users don\’t explicitly specify one

D. which users have the ability to edit or delete their own or other users\’ worklogs

E. whether Original Estimate is required when creating issues

Correct Answer: C


Question 10:

A team complains that many of their issues are in the Closed status, but do not have a resolution set, which causes problems with reporting. The project uses a single workflow.

You want to set the resolution to Done on all existing issues in the Closed status.

Which combination of workflow elements and a bulk operation will achieve this?

A. A temporary transition and a trigger An Edit Issues bulk operation

B. A temporary transition and a post function A Transition Issues bulk operation

C. A screen and the Resolution field A Move Issues bulk operation

D. A screen and a custom field An Edit Issues bulk operation

E. A temporary transition and a screen An Edit Issues bulk operation

Correct Answer: A

Question 11:

Tom has asked you why the numbers returned by his searches are not right. He shows you three JQL queries:

How can you fix this?

A. Change the query to project = “Cake Baking” and fixVersion ~ 1.1.0.

B. Change the query to project = “Cake Baking” and ( fixVersion is empty or fixVersion != 1.1.0 ).

C. Rename the versions so they do not contain periods.

D. Identify the missing issues and change the permissions so that everyone can see them.

E. Change the query to project = “Cake Baking” and fixVersion not in (1.1.0).

Correct Answer: D

Question 12:

One of the HR managers created a filter and shared the subscription with members of the hr-managers group. The filter contains the following valid JQL query:

Manager = currentUser() AND Manager in membersOf(“hr-managers”)

Which issues will be included in the subscription?

A. Only issues where the user who created the filter is listed in the Manager field.

B. Only issues where the group hr-managers is listed in the Manager field.

C. Only issues where the recipient of the email is listed in the Manager field.

D. All issues where the user listed in the Manager field is a member of the hr-managers group.

E. All issues that are assigned to any member of the hr-managers group.

Correct Answer: D

Question 13:

Some of your project owners would like to make their projects publicly accessible over the Internet. These projects will not require login.

You could support this by allowing read-only anonymous access to the projects.

Which two additional factors should you take into consideration when setting this up? (Choose two.)

A. Anonymous users could see other users\’ names.

B. Anonymous users could export all issues from Jira.

C. Licensed users might accidentally comment anonymously rather than logging in first.

D. Internet search engines could index data.

E. Anonymous users could find a full list of all your projects.

F. Spam bots could add comments.

Correct Answer: BD

Question 14:

You have been asked to take on the administration of a second Jira installation in your company.

You were given the following information about user accounts:

The company standard is to use Active Directory (AD) to provide user accounts.

There are several Active Directory systems in use by different business units.

The second Jira is not to be merged with your main Jira.

The main Jira system is connected to Active Directory for user accounts.

The second Jira is using internal user accounts, not Active Directory.

People using the second Jira are using the same login ID as they would use in Active Directory.

Your company would like to use Single Sign-on (SSO) but has not yet implemented it for either Jira system.

Which authentication method should you recommend?

A. Change the new Jira to use your main Jira\’s directory services, as that is already reading your Active Directory services.

B. Set up a Crowd server to get the user lists from all internal directories and AD, and use AD directly for the password checking.

C. Set up a Crowd server to pull in all the AD services, and plan to migrate internal users.

D. Change the new Jira to link directly to the required AD servers.

Correct Answer: B

Question 15:

Beehive Bank wants to implement Jira with the following requirements:

Enforce the strictest possible security measures for user logins.

Allow external users to create their own user logins.

Use the Jira Internal Directory.

Which two login security options can you offer them? (Choose two.)

A. Set Login Mode to Secure.

B. Require character variety for the user name.

C. Require that a password is not too similar to another user\’s password.

D. Require a certain length for passwords.

E. Require that a password is not too similar to the user name or email address.

Correct Answer: AD

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