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Question 1:

Match each hospital room with a potential issue for the AP design (Each match will be used once.)

Select and Place:

Correct Answer:

Question 2:

A retailer wants to add a wireless network to its stores to provide guest access. The store has wired POS systems which the customer will now replace with wireless systems. What is one Important security action that the wireless solution supports to comply with PCI DSS?

A. Use test-practice, factory default settings for security settings and login credentials.

B. Implement TKIP encryption on the wireless network used by POS devices.

C. Impose mandatory clean up periods to delete records of user access to controllers

D. Enforce role-based access control on administrators who access controllers

Correct Answer: A

Question 3:

Refer to the exhibit.

The network architect has created the 60M shown in the exhibit tor a complete new wired ana wireless solution for a customer. This solution the customer wants to discover and manage every component or the network in Airwave, including twins, MCS, APS, and switches.

How many AirWave licenses dees the architect need to add?

A. 30

B. 222

C. 7122

D. 6930

Correct Answer: A

Question 4:

Refer to the exhibit.

The exhibit shows the design for an existing network. The customer intends to replace the current Core switches with two Aruba 8400 switches.

What are two points that the architect should ensure that the customer understands? (Select two.)

A. The 8400 switches do not support VSF.

B. The 8400 switches cannot be monitored by AirWave.

C. The 8400 switches run different software than the 5400R switches.

D. The 8400 switches have a smaller ARP table than the 540OR switches.

E. The 8400 switches are fixed port switches.

Correct Answer: CD

Question 5:

A mall requires a wireless network upgrade to 802 -Max The company that owns the mall wants to provide the APs for the entire mall. However, several of the larger national chain retailers with spaces in the mall want to offer wireless services with their own SSIDs. These individual retailers also have their own wireless guest services and wireless client devices They have their own corporate infrastructure and want to handle all of this wireless traffic on their own, including terminating the traffic on their own controllers. The mall requires redundancy for its services, out the retailers do not.

Which plan for mobility controllers (MCs) and mobility master (MW) meets the needs of this scenario?

A. a pair of MMs for the mall company, but not MCs: MMs control one MC for each retailer with its own SSIDs

B. two MCs for the mall company and for all of the retailers, both controlled by the same pair of MMs

C. two MCs for the mail company controlled by a pair of MMS; one standalone MC for each retailer with its own SSIDS

D. two MCs for the mall company and one MC for each retailer with its own SSIDs, all controlled by the same pair of MMs

Correct Answer: A

Question 6:

A customer has an Aruba wireless network. which includes two MC 7205s and an MM at the network core. The company now wants to accommodate 50 mobile trainers These trainers travel around the world and run training events. The

trainers often need to access materials in the company data center, but cannot reach materials when they are on the road.

The company wants to give the mobile workforce a secure way to reach the materials they need no matter where they are.

Including in public spaces like the hotels where they often leach. The customer also requires that the solution be as cost effective as possible while meeting the requirements.

Which plan meets the needs of the mobile Trainers?

A. Add 50 RAPs: add 50 Enterprise licenses to the MM, and add two 7005 MCs in the DMZ.

B. Add 50 RAPs; add 50 Enterprise licenses and 50 VIA licenses to the MM

C. Add so PEFV licenses to the MM. and add an additional 7205 MC to the core.

D. Add 50 VIA licenses to the MM, and deploy two 7005 MCs in the DMZ.

Correct Answer: B

Question 7:

Refer to the exhibit.

This warehouse has the dimensions shown in the exhibit. The warehouse is 20 feet (6 m) high up to a steel railing on the

celling. The shelves are about 16 feet (5m) high, and they hold large containers filled with fluid and metal equipment.

The customer needs consistent wireless coverage throughout the warehouse, mostly to support the tablets that

employees use to run Inventory tracking and other applications. The warehouse staff works in shifts of 20.

The architect has selected AP-515S. About how many APs should the architect propose?

A. about 13-16

B. about 23-32

C. about 6-8

D. about 6-4

Correct Answer: C

Question 8:

Refer to the exhibit.

A customer needs to create a proposal for a full wireless solution for a customer The customer has indicated that the MCs will connect to Aruanda CX Switches at the core and the APs will connect to PoE-i- switches at the edge. The customer requires that the wireless solution support at least 50 Mbps concurrently per AP. The architect has created a BOM tor a Mobility Master (MM), two MC 721os, and 400 AP-535S. me exhibit snows this BOM.

Which components has the architect forgotten?

A. SFP transceivers tor the MC connections

B. Smart Rate PoE injectors for the APs

C. Mounting Kits tor the MOs and MM

D. Sufficient Enterprise licenses for the APs on both MCs

Correct Answer: C

Question 9:

An archinect needs lo plan a Mobility Master (MM) solution for a customer Requirements include:


redundancy for the MM


redundancy for the MCS (seamless failover if up to one fails)

The wireless network consists of


total APs – 300


total wireless devices = 20,000


total MCs = 10

The customer wants the most cost-effective plan that meets me requirements.

Which plan for MMs should the architect select?


1 MM-HW-5K and 1 MM-VA-1K


2 MM-HW-5K


1 MM-HW-5K and 1 MM-HW-1K



Correct Answer: D

Question 10:

Referto the exhibit.

A hospital needs an upgrade to 802.1tax for its wireless network. The wireless network supports:


wireless medical devices


medical staff voice communicators


laptops in nurse stations


medical staff tablets


visitor and patient personal devices.

All of these devices support both the 2 4GHz and 5GH2 band. Assuming about a max throughput on50 Mbps per AP; the hospital would like. The architect has used VisualRF to plan the AP placement on one of the floors, which the hospital

expects will need to suppod about 800 win

to deploy APS in stairwells between floors.

How well does the plan meet the requirements?

A. The current AP placement meets coverage requirements, but does not meet capacity requirements.

B. The current AP placement meets the customer requirements in terms of coverage and capacity.

C. The current AP placement fails to account for the lead-lined wails that are common in patient and exam rooms.

D. The current AP placement fails to provide adequate signal for the voice communicators in several areas

Correct Answer: C

Question 11:

What is one customer requirement that can drive the need for a relatively dense AP deployment. In which ire coverage areas of at least three AP radios overlap?

A. AP operation as hybrid AMs for IDS/WIPS

B. the deployment of dual SGHz radio APs

C. support for beacon management

D. location tracking of wireless loT devices

Correct Answer: C

Question 12:

Refer to the exhibit.

A customer has an existing network with ArubaOS switches, Aruba 7205 controller, and 802.11ac APs. The customer needs a wired upgrade for their campus network and wireless upgrade with 802,11ax APs and would like to get all the

functions of AP.

The customer has one building with 3 floors with the following wired devices,


8 printers


security cameras

The architect plans to propose 75 AP-535s.

The security cameras are a high definition pan-tilt-zoom with heaters for harsh environments that require more than 45 W to function,

Which exhibit shows an access switch mat meets the customer needs?


Option A


Option B


Option C


Option D

Correct Answer: D


200 VOIP phones

Question 13:

Refer to the exhibit.

A customer needs a wireless network upgrade and has these requirements.

Support any applications used on a wired connection

Support up to 2500 wireless clients

Support seamless roaming from floor to floor and building to building

Continue to function seamlessly if one controller fails The architect has designed the logical infrastructure for the network as shown in the exhibit Which change should the architect make to belter meet customer requirements and besl practices?


Combine me /25 subnets for wireless and wired users into a /16 subnet.


Install additional Mobility Controller.


Combine the /25 subnets for wireless users into a /20 subnet


Place each controller in a different VLAN and subnet.

Correct Answer: B

Question 14:

A company already has an Aruba wireless network The network currently consists of: * oneMM-HW-1k


two 7210 MCs in the network core


two 721GMCsintheDMZ


200 AP-515S in Building 1 and Building 5

100 AP-515S each In Building 2r Building 3, and Building 4

The customer now wants to assess if it needs local Mobility controllers (MC) for any buildings:

– Building 1 is the main office building for the campus. It supports the highest number of APs. It connects to the network core without an aggregation layer.


Building 2 is further away from the Building i. and no roaming is provided between it and the other buildings its access layer connects to the network cone with a pair of Aruba CX 6300M aggregation switches.


Building 3 is further away from the other buildings, it connects to the network core without an aggregation layer.

The Guest SSID traffic should be tunnelled to the DMZ controllers

\’ Building 4 has its own local datacenter and Internet connection. The company would like it to be able to operate completely autonomously if its aggregation layer loses connectivity with the core.


Building 5 is further away from the other buildings, it connects to the network core without an aggregation layer.

This building has been assigned to a partner that would like to manage a dedicated SS1D using the shared AP infrastructure.

In which two buildings should the network architect plan local mobility controllers (MCs)? (Select two)


Building 1


Building 4


Building 5


Building 3


Building 2

Correct Answer: AD

Question 15:

For which scenario do Aruba CX 6300M Series switches meet the needs for an upgrade of the wired access layer while the Aruba CX 630QF Series switches do not?

A. The customer wants to utilize the Aruba AP-515 support for 002 3bz connectivity.

B. The customer wants to utilize LACP on AP515 in VSF switch configuration.

C. The Aruba CX6300M supports 10GBase-T connectivity with AP-515.

D. The Aruba CX 630DM support up to 75W PoE per port

Correct Answer: D