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Question 1:

You must know the AppleCare name of an Intel iMac before performing which of the following actions?

A. Starting up from OS X Recovery HD.

B. Running Mac Resource Inspector.

C. Replacing the logic board

D. Resetting the NVRAM.

Correct Answer: C


Question 2:

Which of the following desktop Macs supports going into Safe Sleep after four hours of inactivity if the computer is using OS X v10.8.2 or newer?

A. iMac (Late 2011)

B. Mac Pro (Mid 2012)

C. Mac mini (Mid 2011)

D. Mac mini (Late 2012)

Correct Answer: D


Question 3:

Which section of Apple Service Guide contains a detailed view of all service parts and their part numbers?

A. Part View

B. Exploded View

C. Service Parts Matrix

D. Parts General Information

Correct Answer: D


Question 4:

What is the maximum amount of memory that is supported in a dual-processor Mac Pro (Mid 2012)?

A. 64 GB

B. 32GB

C. 16 GB

D. 8 GB

Correct Answer: D


Question 5:

Examine the image.

Why is it important to remove the two depicted screws when replacing the hard drive in a MacBook Pro (15-inch, Mid 2012)?

A. You cannot remove the connector on the hard drive if you do not remove these screws.

B. You cannot remove the battery cable with these screws installed.

C. You will prevent strain on the hard drive flex cable by removing them.

D. You will damage the logic board if you do not remove these screws.

Correct Answer: A

Question 6:

Identify the memory module technology used by the MacBook Air (11-inch, Mid 2013) and MacBook Air (13-inch, Mid 2013).





Correct Answer: A

Reference: between- macbook-air-mid-2013-mid-2012.html

Question 7:

Linda states that the fans on her MacBook Pro are intermittently noisy. Which is the best component of AST to further isolate the issue?





Correct Answer: C

Question 8:

Which Mac Book Pro listed below can use USB 3 devices at full speed?

A. MacBook Pro (13-inch, Mid 2012)

B. MacBook Pro (13-inch, Late 2011)

C. MacBook Pro (15-inch, Late 2011)

D. MacBook Pro (17-inch, Late 2011)

Correct Answer: A


Question 9:

To power on the system, which of the following can be used on the MacBook Pro (Retina, Mid 2012) and MacBook Pro (Retina, 15-inch, Early 2013 and Late 2013) logic boards?

A. Two switches that can be flipped

B. Two ports that be activated

C. Two pads that can be shorted

D. Two buttons that can be pressed

Correct Answer: D

Question 10:

Isabelle purchased an AirPort Time Capsule and has questions about where to locate the device in her home. Which of the following is the correct recommendation?

A. Lay the Time Capsule on its side inside a cabinet.

B. Place the Time Capsule on top of a metal cabinet or shelf.

C. Place the Time Capsule as close to a wall or large furniture as possible.

D. Place Time Capsule in an open area where there are few obstructions.

Correct Answer: D

Question 11:

Which of the following parts are built into the top case of MacBook Air (Mid 2013) model computers? SELECT TWO.

A. Keyboard

B. Trackpad

C. Microphone

D. Battery

E. LVDS cable

Correct Answer: AB

Reference: Air 13- Inch Mid 2013 Upper Case Replacement/15404

Question 12:

If an issue is in the Hardware problem space, which of the following should be removed from the Apple product to further isolate the issue?

A. All third party equipment

B. Any third party applications

C. Any third party extensions

D. Any third party frameworks

Correct Answer: A

Question 13:

Which section of Apple Service Guide contains a diagram for symptoms related to logic board connectors?

A. Quick Checks

B. Block Diagram

C. Exploded View

D. Functional Overview

Correct Answer: D

Reference: (functional overview)

Question 14:

You are using a television attached to the HDMI port of a MacBook Pro (Retina, 15-inch Early 2013) but cannot see the menu bar. What section of the Display pane in System Preferences would help with this issue?

A. Overscan/Underscan

B. Color Profile

C. Detect Displays

D. Gather Windows

Correct Answer: A


Question 15:

A customer brings his MacBook Pro (15-inch, Mid 2012) in for servicing. It is not functioning correctly and you suspect the machine has been damaged by the customer. As you inspect for accidental damage, you should open the lid and confirm that the hinges are working smoothly and inspect the LCD for cracks in the glass. Which of the following should you also do? Select two.

A. Disassemble the SuperDrive to check for debris or dust inside.

B. Look for cracks, dents, or scratches on the exterior of the system.

C. Connect the system to external speakers to check for sound output.

D. Erase all of the customer\’s data and reinstall OS X to test the hard drive.

E. Check for any unusual odors coming from the system, which might indicate spill damage.

Correct Answer: BD


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