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Latest PCNSE 8 dumps | Palo Alto Networks Certified Network Security Engineer

Palo Alto Networks Certified Network Security Engineer (PCNSE)

The latest PCNSE 8 Exam Certification verifies that candidates have the vast majority of Palo Alto network-based network security implementations for design, installation, deployment, configuration, optimization, maintenance, and troubleshooting. Successful adoption of the PCNSE 8 exam test will not only obtain a pcnse 8 dumps certificate, but also show that candidates have solid IT skills, which is also a necessary condition for becoming a PCNSE expert. Candidates must have the professional basic knowledge of pcnse 8 dumps pdf and experience to use Palo Alto network products, including customers, tech partners, system engineers, system integrators, and after-sales support engineers.

Exam Overview:

The PCNSE 8 is a formal, third-party proctored certification. Palo Alto Networks Firewall is a trusted information security solutions being used by companies and organizations around the world. With newest version 8.0 of the PAN-OS pcnse 8 exam questions software update Palo Alto Networks has introduced many new features and upgrades to its technology platform.

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Exam Registration PEARSON VUE
Exam Number PCNSE PAN-OS 8
Exam Cost $160 USD
Time limit 90 minutes
Number of Questions 75
Passing Score At least 70%

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Base Training

The PCNSE exam covers all topics related to PAN-OS software 8.0.8 and later, Panorama, GlobalProtect cloud service infrastructure, and other aspects of the Palo Alto Networks network security platform

Advanced Training

After having 4-6 months hands on experience with the PANOS platform, complete the following instructor led class:

  • EDU-311 – Debug & Troubleshoot

Figuring out the Exam Topics:

This Palo Alto Networks Firewall online course will teach you to configure firewalls using PAN-OS. When preparing for an ACE or PCNSE certification exam, you must read the subject of the exam topics clearly. Master common operations based on the Palo Alto network platform.

Section Weight Objectives
Plan 16% – Identify how the Palo Alto Networks products work together to detect and prevent threats
– Given a scenario, identify how to design an implementation of the firewall to meet business requirements leveraging the Palo Alto Networks Security Platform.
– Given a scenario, identify how to design an implementation of firewalls in High Availability to meet business requirements leveraging the Palo Alto Networks Security Platform
– Identify the appropriate interface type and configuration for a specified network deployment
– Identify how to use template stacks for administering Palo Alto Networks firewalls as a scalable solution using Panorama.
– Identify how to use device group hierarchy for administering Palo Alto Networks firewalls as a scalable solution using Panorama.
– Identify options to deploy Palo Alto Networks firewalls in a private cloud (VM-Series).
– Identify methods for authorization, authentication, and device administration.
– Given a scenario, identify ways to mitigate resource exhaustion (because of denial-of-service) in application servers.
– Identify decryption deployment strategies.
– Identify the impact of application override to the overall functionality of the firewall.
– Identify the methods of User–ID redistribution.
Deploy and Configure 23% – Identify the application meanings in the Traffic log (incomplete, insufficient data, non-syn TCP, not applicable, unknown TCP, unknown UDP, and unknown P2P).
– Given a scenario, identify the set of Security Profiles that should be used.
– Identify the relationship between URL filtering and credential theft prevention.
– Identify differences between services and applications.
– Identify how to create security rules to implement App-ID without relying on port-based rules.
– Identify the required settings and steps necessary to provision and deploy a next‐generation firewall.
– Identify various methods for Authentication, Authorization, and Device Administration within a firewall.
– Identify how to configure and maintain certificates to support firewall features.
– Identify how to configure a virtual router.
– Identify the configuration settings for site‐to‐site VPN.
– Identify the configuration settings for GlobalProtect.
– Identify how to configure items pertaining to denial-of-service protection and zone protection.
– Identify how to configure features of the NAT rulebase.
– Given a configuration example including DNAT, identify how to configure security rules.
– Identify how to configure decryption.
– Given a scenario, identify an application override configuration and use case.
– Identify how to configure VM-Series firewalls for deployment.
Operate 20% – Identify considerations for configuring external log forwarding.
– Interpret log files, reports, and graphs to determine traffic and threat trends.
– Identify scenarios in which there is a benefit from using custom signatures.
– Given a scenario, identify the process to update a Palo Alto Networks system to the latest version of the software.
– Identify how configuration management operations are used to ensure desired operational state of stability and continuity.
– Identify the settings related to critical HA functions (link monitoring; path monitoring; HA1, HA2, and HA3 functionality; HA backup links; and differences between A/A and A/P).
– Identify the sources of information pertaining to HA functionality.
– Identify how to configure the firewall to integrate with AutoFocus and verify its functionality.
– Identify the impact of deploying dynamic updates.
– Identify the relationship between Panorama and devices as it pertains to dynamic updates versions and policy implementation and/or HA peers.
Configuration Troubleshooting 18% – Identify system and traffic issues using WebUI and CLI tools.
– Given a session output, identify the configuration requirements used to perform a packet capture.
– Given a scenario, identify how to troubleshoot and configure interface components.
– Identify how to troubleshoot SSL decryption failures.
– Identify certificate chain of trust issues.
– Given a scenario, identify how to troubleshoot traffic routing issues.
Core Concepts 23% – Identify the correct order of the policy evaluation based on the packet flow architecture.
– Given an attack scenario, identify the Palo Alto Networks appropriate threat prevention component to prevent/mitigate the attack.
– Identify methods for identifying users.
– Identify the fundamental functions residing on the management and dataplanes of a Palo Alto Networks firewall.
– Given a scenario, determine how to control bandwidth use on a per-application basis.
– Identify the fundamental functions and concepts of WildFire.
– Identify the purpose of and use case for MFA and the Authentication policy.
– Identify the dependencies for implementing MFA.
– Given a scenario, identify how to forward traffi.
– Given a scenario, identify how to configure policies and related objects.
– Identify the methods for automating the configuration of a firewall.

Recommended Experience

  • Familiar with basic network concepts, common protocols, network security knowledge.
  • Understand and master the types of common firewalls (Packet filters, Stateful inspection, Proxys )

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