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Question 1:

Which of the following statements as regards Solution Manager is/are correct? (Choose two)

A. It is a central app management platform that customers can run in their solution landscape to help them efficiently implement, operate, monitor and support their SAP solutions.

B. It is only used for the implementation of your solutions.

C. It is installed as a part of each of your existing landscape.

D. It acts as the central system of your solution landscape, thus, avoiding duplication of effort and information and streamlining your activities.

Correct Answer: AD

Question 2:

It is the phase for implementation roadmap where you complete the preparation for Go Live.

Activities include acceptance testing of the production system hardware, completion of end-user training and plans for transfer to the production system.

A. Project Preparation

B. Business Blueprint

C. Realization

D. Final Preparation

E. Go Live and Support

Correct Answer: C

Question 3:

It is a central repository for components SAP Solutions Manager\’s solution.

A. Business process repository

B. Change request management

C. Implementation guide

D. Solution manager diagnostics

E. Web application server

Correct Answer: A

Question 4:

It is a component SAP Solutions Manager used to monitor Java-based components.

A. Business process repository

B. Change request management

C. Implementation guide

D. Solution manager diagnostics

E. Web application server

Correct Answer: D

Question 5:

Features of business blueprint: (Choose all that apply)

A. Blueprint structure

B. Associated items

C. Business scenarios

D. Business process groups

E. Blueprint document

Correct Answer: ABCDE

Question 6:

The benefits of the testing features include: (Choose all that apply)

A. Reduced time for test preparation and execution.

B. Single point of access to complete system landscape.

C. Central storage of testing material and test results.

D. Re-use of existing testing material.

Correct Answer: ABCD

Question 7:

It offers a complete infrastructure for organizing and operating a solution-wide support organization at your site.

A. Solution Manager diagnostics

B. SAP services

C. Service desk

D. Change request management

Correct Answer: C

Question 8:

Indentify the four main types of roadmaps reviewed. (Choose four)

A. Download roadmap

B. Implementation roadmap

C. Solution management roadmap

D. Solution roadmap

E. Upgrade roadmap

F. Global template roadmap

Correct Answer: BCEF

Question 9:

Which roadmap types are provided through SolMan? (Select all that apply)

A. Implementation Roadmap for SAP Enterprise Portal

B. Upgrade Roadmap

C. Implementation Roadmap in my SCM

D. Implementation Roadmap in my CRM

E. Implementation Roadmap

F. Global Template Roadmap

Correct Answer: ABCDEF

Question 10:

Identify the steps in the asap methodology: (Choose four)

A. Go live and support

B. Final preparation

C. Realization Project preparation

D. Roll out

E. Business blueprint

Correct Answer: ABCE

Question 11:

Service Desk Features: (Choose all that apply)

A. Solution Manager diagnostics

B. Customer solution database

C. Managing SAP Notes

D. Message Handling Process

Correct Answer: ABCD

Question 12:

Identify the benefit of Solution Manager: (Choose five)

A. Faster ROI

B. Reduced Cost of Implementation

C. More reliable IT Solution

D. Reduced ROI

E. Reduced Cost of Operations

F. More leverage for IT investments

Correct Answer: ABCEF

Question 13:

The five standard roadmaps of ASAP are: (Choose five)

A. Other Roadmap

B. Solution Management Roadmap

C. Global Template Roadmap

D. Implementation Roadmap

E. Upgrade Roadmap

F. Blueprint Roadmap

Correct Answer: ABCDE

Question 14:

Solution manager supports Operations via fallowing exercises: (Choose Six)

A. Solution Reporting

B. Solution Monitoring

C. Service Level Reporting

D. SAP Early watch Alerts

E. Test Management

F. System Monitoring

G. Central System Administration

H. Business Process Monitoring

Correct Answer: ABCDGH

Question 15:

What are the benefits of Testing feature: (Choose four)

A. Central Storage of testing material and test results

B. Single point of access to complete system landscape

C. Re-use of existing testing materials

D. Reduce Time for test preparation and execution

E. Assignment of test packages

Correct Answer: ABCD